Q: What is The Mosaic? 

A: The Mosaic is a departmental zine made by the members of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at UC San Diego

Q: What is a zine? 

A: A zine is a small-scale, self-published printed booklet, short for magazine

Q: Who can submit to The Mosaic? 

A: Any member of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department: student, faculty, staff

Q: What kind of things can I submit to The Mosaic? 

A: Art, paintings, poetry, stories, playlists, photos, recipes, anything!

Q: How do I submit to the Mosaic? 

A: We have a submission form that opens prior to every volume. It can be found HERE

You can also submit physical copies of work to us in person or over email at the-mosaic@ucsd.edu

Q: Is everything really anonymous? 

A: Yes! As long as no identifying information is on your submission, everything will be printed anonymously. We want The Mosaic to be an open line of anonymous communication and catharsis. 

Q: How can I get involved? 

A: Chat with us and/or email us! the-mosaic@ucsd.edu

Q: How can I get a physical copy? 

A: You can find copies of The Mosaic distributed at departmental events, throughout the department, and even in some libraries and communal gathering sites. If you would like your own copy, reach out to us! 

For more information and insight about The Mosaic, 

check out this interview with one of the founders and editors of The Mosaic!